The homeschooling debate

There are many things in life that bring controversy.  Whenever you go against the majority vote or do something that is a little different in society you will bring conflict.  Homeschooling is right at the top of the list of controversial topics.  The best thing to do when arguing a debate is present the pros and cons.  In this article we contrast them both.

Pros to homeschooling:

  • Offers a great deal of educational freedom—freedom over what a child specifically learns and when.  When a topic sparks their interest they are free to pursue that teaching and leave the ones that are less interesting alone.
  • Offers a great deal of physical freedom—freedom to set own school hours.  Freedom to take vacations at odd times, visit museums during the week, and other such activities. 
  • Offers emotional freedom-freedom from bullies, peer pressure, and competition.
  • Offers religious freedom—not found in public schools and important to many families who choose to homeschool.
  • Form significantly closer family relationships.
  • Ensures rest that children need—no need to rise before dawn to attend early morning classes.
  • Eliminates the need for busywork. 
  • Much more efficient way to teach and learn, and can eliminate the need for homework.

Cons to homeschooling:

  • Time restraints—you may work, be a single parent, or simply choose a time-intensive schooling method.  Throughout the day there is a great deal of factors limiting the time available for homeschooling so you need to take into consideration your time.
  • Financial restraints are also a concern, as a loss of income happens when the decision is made to homeschool.
  • The closeness of homeschooling may prove too much for some families, as parents often must spend a larger amount of time with their children.
  • Limited social interactions.
  • Socially considered unusual. You may experience negative comments and attitudes as a result of homeschooling.

As you can see, the pros to homeschooling outweigh the cons.  You know what’s best for your child, let us help you to get started…..

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