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Join us for a Parent Huddle!

Parent Huddles are a chance to connect and share any of your insights, thoughts, feelings on topics such as child health, school safety, and more with other parents and caregivers across the state.

Come and learn what you can do as parents, caregivers and/or educators to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing and knowing where to go for help!


This Month's Topic:

Cultivating a Climate of Care & Connection in your Home & School

To “cultivate” means to prepare, to raise, or to assist in growth; to improve or develop by careful attention, training or study; to devote time and thought to something.

If our home is the “soil”, our role as parents is to create a rich, fertile environment that promotes growth, health, and bountiful harvest; a daunting task in the face of a continuing and ever-changing world in the throes of a global pandemic.

If we are to be cultivators of care and connection in our home, we must first connect with ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally through a consistent practice of self-care. Cultivating care and connection in our home provides a safe, calming place for our children and adolescents to rest, grow, learn and heal. In a climate of unrest, unpredictability, and occasionally utter chaos relationships are critical to buffering against the harmful impacts of higher stress and distress.

This Parent Huddle will focus first on helping parents discover and rediscover the self-care practices that work for them. Self-care doesn’t have to be some grand, gigantic gesture that takes time and energy to plan and execute. Self-care happens in those small, quiet moments when we purposefully devote time and thought to cultivating a more balanced approach to life.

We will discuss how parents can charge and re-charge themselves so they can be cultivators of calm and connectedness, the importance of asking for help and support, and role-modeling the practices of calm, connection and care for our children and adolescents.

Engagement Host

Sandi Cimino serves families by supporting them in identifying and building on their strengths to flourish in the face of challenges and adversity where she serves as a coach for Parent Led Academy. Sandi has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, with a concentration in Family Sociology. She has worked in the social services field for over 30 years with educators and service providers primarily in the areas of child welfare, early childhood and K-12 education. She has a passion for assisting parents in experiencing less stress and more joy in their families. Sandi lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, two children, and one furry family member.

Featured Speaker: Bonnabella Baudelaire

Bonnabella Baudelaire (they/them) is the Coconino Parent Awareness and Community
Outreach Coordinator for First Things First. Their work aims to increase effective outreach to
families to connect them with appropriate information, services, and support. Understanding that
there are multiple ways to connect families to information, services and supports, focus on
coordination and alignment of this work must occur across early learning, children’s health and
family support. In their free time, they love to go on hikes and read manga and comics!

Resources for Parents & Teachers


Wednesday, January 26



7pm-8pm MST


Zoom Video Call

Four Areas of Transformation


Parents will have the opportunity to share what’s on their mind regarding each topic below during virtual breakout rooms where they can feel safe to share.

Come with your tough questions and we’ll offer you solutions and resources to help you on your journey.


Let’s Huddle!

The Arizona School Health & Wellness Coalition and the Parent Led Academy hope to see you then!

For any questions, please contact Marissa Leinart at [email protected] or Scott Turner at [email protected]

Recording of Past Huddle