Our Mission


We equip parents and their kids with the social emotional skills they need to respond to life’s challenges in a healthy way. 


Hi! We’re Bill & Marissa Leinart, Founders of Parent Led Academy and parents just like you, trying hard to do our very best to to raise our kids to be responsible, make good decisions and to be kind to others. 

The problem is, many of our kids lack the social-emotional life skills including identifying and managing their emotions, knowing their purpose and serving others. 

Now, the impact of COVID has brought to our attention our need for social and emotional connectedness more than ever before…to demonstrate empathy and resilience, build relationships across distance and call upon our collective resolve to strengthen our schools and communities.

And that’s why our nonprofit Parent Led Academy exists, to be a trusted resource and support for kids and adults during this challenging time.  

Together, we have more than 20 years of teaching experience at the high school & university levels. 

Bill was a former high school teacher and basketball coach for 12 years and 4 years at a community college. He currently manages solar projects for a large utility company.

Marissa, a former Emmy Award Winning TV news anchor/reporter was a former adjunct professor at Arizona State University for 5 years before homeschooling their 2 kids for 17 years. She’s currently the Founder/Executive Director.                                                                                                          

Will had a love for claw machines since he was 12.  So much so that he started a YouTube channel thinking no one could possibly be interested in watching him winning at the claw machine.  

8 years later with more than 1.8 million subscribers, I guess he was wrong.  His top watched video has hit 27 million views.  

When he’s not editing an entertaining video for his subscribers, he’s working at his 4 arcades located inside large shopping malls.  

At age 14, he bought his first unmanned arcade in a small corner of a large mall by negotiating a deal that would blow you away and it’s those negotiation skills along with his growing knowledge of arcades that kept him buying more.

With his earnings, Will is focused on giving back. He’s planning to help build a church in the Philippines where his mom was born. He plans to go on a mission trip in 2022 with Parent Led Academy where he plans to speak at 12 schools on “finding what you love to do and doing it!”

“If it weren’t for my parents’ unconditional love and support even when it didn’t make sense and even after I would mess up, I definitely would not be where I’m at today.  And I know without a doubt, they want to pass on everything they learned from their successes and failures to parents who are just as committed.” 

Hi! I’m Linzey, a 4th year veterinary student at University of California, Davis, the #1 Vet School in the U.S.  I was the youngest student admitted in my graduate class at age 19.  I had graduated after 3 years with a bachelor’s in veterinary science at the University of Arizona and was chosen as Outstanding Student of the Year.

My parents said they noticed my love for animals when I was 8.  So they nurtured my passion for animals by teaching me starting with my favorite, the cheetah.  

I also remember dog sitting for neighbors as young as 9.  In my preteens, I found a job working for a Golden Doodle breeder where I was humbled cleaning up kennels and dog messes all day long and it didn’t bother me one bit. 

“I’ll never forget my parents encouraging me to pursue my dream no matter what.  They paved the way for me to dream and that’s what led me to want to become a vet.  Then they became my best cheerleaders, always there to help me when I’d fall or give me the wisdom that I needed when I needed it most.  They just loved and supported me even when I would turn away.

So if you’re willing to do the work, my mom and dad along with their team are here to make sure you become the parent you dream about becoming.”



We are living in a fast-paced, instant information, and pressure-packed world. 

Our children are faced with a myriad of challenges including:

  • frantic schedules
  • bullying
  • overuse of electronic devices
  • lack of down time for creativity and connection
  • overextended socially and academically
  • time wasted on social media
  • long commutes

Navigating parenthood can be a daunting undertaking.

That’s why we need each other more than ever. 

Let’s build this village together in an effort to grow stronger families committed to our children’s success in every area of life.
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