Parent Led Academy

Healthy Parents,
Healthy Kids


Strengthening the Relationship Between Parents & Their Kids

We empower the significant adults in a child’s life by creating a safe space where they can discover their strengths, uncover their best-selves and are equipped with the social-emotional skills needed to model healthy behaviors.

Social-Emotional skills are when you’re able to…


Identify your emotions


Manage your emotions


Show empathy


Have healthy relationships


Make wise decisions


Communicate well

But when parents in a child’s life are lacking these social-emotional skills, it’s a struggle to teach them to their kids.

That’s why we exist.

We equip parents to become the mom or dad they dream about.



Inviting you to join us in our mission to strengthen the relationship between parents and their kids 

Parent Led Academy invites you to join us in our work of  strengthening the social-emotional skills of parents and their kids so they can have the kind of relationship they’ve always dreamed of.

Watch the impact we’re having with parents and their kids through our virtual parent and student huddles. Hear the cry of our students’ hearts and how parents are trying their best in a world where there’s so much noise and distractions that keep us from having a stronger relationship with our kids. 

1:1 Soul Care Coaching

Maybe you and your kids are feeling like you’ve hit a wall. You feel stuck, stagnant or believe something is “off.”

Through Soul Care Coaching, you’ll be matched with a trusted, caring and experienced Soul Care Coach to help you & your kids get “unstuck and progressing.” Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll know how to “help yourself.”

Begin a journey where you’ll learn to celebrate who you are, your strengths and your purpose…and so will your kids!

Our services are $30 for a 1 hr session.

“I am very thankful for the help, encouragement and direction I have received from Holly as we have worked through my Clifton Strengths. Her broad understanding of the material allowed me to put things in their proper perspective. Questions she asked helped me gain greater insight and appreciation of who I truly am. I look forward to working together with her more!”

– Anonymous

Virtual Parent Huddle

Think of “Huddles” as a safe gathering place to for parents and caregivers to speak your truth without judgment and learn from subject matter experts on topics that most affect you. It’s an online space so you can attend at the convenience of your home.  

Every month you’ll have a chance to get your questions answered and learn the most valuable tools and be given resources to find solutions to your toughest challenges. Our goal is to help you get “unstuck” and growing so you can become the parent you’ve always dreamed about. But you can’t do this alone. We’re here to help! 

“It’s hard for me to express my feelings. So these huddles help a lot.”

Angelica, Student

“Everything was really good!”

Edwin, Student

‘I learned how to have a good relationship with all my students”

Laura, High School Teacher

“A lot of us don’t have an adult to talk to. That’s why I like these huddles.”

Yolanda, Student

“The student huddles helped a lot! I wish we met more than once a month.

Sibel, Elementary Teacher

“I came away identifying and understanding in detail my strengths which was eye opening!”

– Taylor


Help provide a Parent/Caregiver with monthly 1:1 Soul Care Coaching

Your gift of $30 will provide a 1 hr session with a trusted & well-trained Soul Care Coach who’ll create a safe, calm, welcoming space to allow for hope and healing.


Help provide a Parent/Caregiver with monthly 2 (1 hr sessions) with a Soul Care Coach.

Your gift of $50 will provide 2 (1 hr sessions) with a Soul Care Coach to help get parents/caregivers less angry and more in control of their feelings by helping them understand their “why.”


Help provide a Parent/Caregiver with monthly 4 (1 hr sessions)

Your gift of $100 will allow a parent/caregiver to be seen and heard, able to share their stories without judgment, be equipped with tools and resources they’ll need to be their best authentic self so they’re able to model health and wholeness to their kids during this generation and beyond.