What happens when teens are asked not to use their phones for 20 min?

Using SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) to...

HelpING families connect MORE WITH EACH OTHER...

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We equip parents, teachers and students with the social-emotional skills they need to respond to life challenges in a healthy way.

What does this look like?  Watch as this adorable toddler shows you!


Children thrive.    Schools win.    Workplaces benefit.      Society strengthens.          All due to social-emotional learning.

The Problem

The pandemic has turned our world upside down.

Those greatly affected?  Research says youth age 14-22 are suffering socially and emotionally the most. And often in silence.

They’re telling us what they’re longing for…connection with a caring adult. Someone who will listen…and listen some more.

They say they’re not motivated to do school right now because of the constant changes in their environment that are out of their control…

 On again off again school, mask wearing, COVID deaths and illnesses, parents out of a job, parents working from home while everyone is home…all causing a lot of


So where can they go to…


The Solution

Online Huddles

Caring and well-trained educators engaging with students, parents and educators to help them overcome their challenges using SEL.


Staying connected with your kids through engaging conversations isn’t always easy. You shouldn’t have to figure it out on your own. We’ll give you the tools!


We provide teachers Professional Development focused on how to integrate social-emotional learning in their classrooms with simple and fun activities that are super engaging and interactive!  PLA provides a certificate of completion for 2 credit hours and beyond.


Students are engaged in highly interactive conversations using memorable imagery, music, real-life stories and practical experiences to teach social-emotional skills in a way that is relevant & makes sense.

If you're an educator...

We invite teachers to sign-up for  Professional Development on “How To Organically Incorporate SEL in Your Classroom.”

Teachers earn 2 credits which can be applied to their annual PD requirement.

PLA offers ongoing PD focused on SEL around different grade levels.

Teachers are invited to become an SEL Coach for their own classroom and get compensated too!

They’ll be trained and then excited to lead online Parent and Student Huddles using the simple curriculum we’ve built to create awesome engagement and deeper connection.

Parent Huddles allow teachers and parents to communicate regularly and now proactively work together.

Student Huddles allow for students to connect more with their teachers outside the classroom while teachers have the opportunity to really get to know their students.

We love our teachers and we believe they should be financially rewarded for their transformative work with our youth and parents.

Teachers are paid 50% ($75) for every $150 sponsored 1 hour huddle they lead.

How You Can Help

Sponsor a huddle and make an impact on the way kids THINK about themselves and others so they RESPOND to life challenges in a healthy way.

Positive affirmations are working for this 3 yr old. 

Watch TRUE FORGIVENESS in action!

This toddler knows what to do when she’s in pain.

How learning EMPATHY changes you.